About Me

My name is Katie, I’m a Midwest native, California transplant, current Ohio resident, and soon to be first time momma. I grew up in Indiana but left when I was 19 for the mountains and rivers of Northern California where I met my husband who through life events ended up bringing me to Ohio for four years for his work. I have a B.S. in Natural Resources Management and have found this area to be lacking in job opportunities as well as organic and green options. Moving here from the food oasis of Humboldt County was culture shock. Despite having grown up in the general vicinity I had come to rely on the organic and green options so readily available on the west coast. The lack of options has somehow expanded my desire for a green lifestyle and I now crave safer ingredients, reduced packaging, and to genuinely understand my impact on the world and conversely it’s impact on me. I’m science based and as a being that needs facts to back up claims I find the world to be getting exceedingly confusing when it comes to our products ingredients. I’m dedicating my time to researching, to the best of my ability, the current ecological situation arising from our consumption and how to reduce our negative impact, increase our positive interactions, and overall live a better life.mexicoseahorse


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